The Kiva Soul Camp is an annual gathering of men that has taken place in middle Tennessee since 2006. It is organized and hosted by Kiva, a men’s group based in Nashville, TN since 1999. In the early 2000s, some of our Kiva members attended the Art of Leadership Training through the Men’s Leadership Alliance in Boulder, Colorado. Nearly all the members later attended the initiation weekend sponsored by the Mankind Project. We were all struck by the depths men could move to when sitting in circle together with a shared intention.

As we had been supported by others, over the years we learned to support each other, & we found together a real sense of safety, support, & well-being. Finding the courage to face our own wounds, our own edges, and our normal everyday challenges fueled our intention to create this kind of discovery with other men. We wanted to share the gold we’d found.

With help & support from our mentors, in 2007 we sponsored our first Soul Camp. It’s become a major event in our year now for the last eleven years. The Soul Camp experience continues to evolve as it continues to inspire men to look deeper, to heal, and to become better fathers, better husbands, and better men.

Our mission

To provide a facilitated event where men can gather to support each other in safe and sacred container. A place where men can bear witness to the private spiritual “work” of other men. It’s an opportunity to be authentically seen and heard and an opportunity to authentically see and hear others.