KIVA is a private community of men in the middle TN area. Following and building on the traditions of several schools of thought, we seek to explore and challenge our understandings of what it means to be a man in our community in this place and time. While each member has his own reasons for membership, the general ideology of the group can be summarized by the following:

We meet because we have found through experience that it instructs us, it heals us, it empowers us, and it completes us to sit regularly in circle together. We meet once a week and have done for fifteen years. We respect each other and we have learned to trust each other, and to be trustworthy. Leadership shifts weekly, so that each of us learns to develop the ability to lead, to stand in authority, to hold the container, to initiate actions and to end proceedings. We learn to honor our lineage, and together we explore how we connect to our lineage, to each other, and to our world. The work is never done, but as we keep showing up, we find it progresses in a good way, and we can feel the difference in our lives.

Kiva can be contact vial email at