We come together each May…

… from many states all over the U.S. & abroad to sit in a circle together and create a container emphasizing safety, authenticity, confidentiality, and a true curiosity & interest in each other.

The Kiva Soul Camp is an annual 4-day gathering of men that has taken place in Middle Tennessee since 2006. The event is originated & supported by Kiva, a men’s group based in Nashville, TN since 1999. In 2020, Soul Camp was going to be organized & led by Shawn Gallaway with Simon McCain & staff. However, due to the recent status of the corona virus in the US, it was determined that cancelling the event was the best bet. If you are interested in staying in touch and learning more about this event, please fill out the contact form.

Together, we will:

  • examine what we have in common as men
  • find strength in examining our wounds & vulnerability
  • discover & share our inner gold & our gifts
  • support each other in growing & expanding into manhood
  • use processes, discussion, & activities to go deeper within ourselves

Soul Camp is typically held in the middle of May at Bethany Hills camp

in Kingston Springs, Tennessee (about 30 minutes from the airport) southwest of Nashville

Bethany Hills sign
Great Location. 
A well established camp, rustic and comfortable.
Bethany Hills photo of lake
Breathe it in.
The natural beauty of this place makes it easy to create a safe container together.
Photo of men sharing a meal together
The fare is simple, fresh, and healthy.
Facilitators: Shaun Gallaway and Simon McCain
Shawn Gallaway with Simon McCain & staff

All men are welcome,

from 18 to 99, gay or straight, whatever a man’s circumstances or ethnic background, we are, first and foremost, men.

We urge you to come join our circle at Soul Camp, and further, to think of a friend, son, nephew, or brother to bring with you. Your presence, and their presence, enhances Soul Camp for all of us.

Together, we will:

  • rattle the bones and awaken our true calling as men
  • learn to support other men non-competitively
  • learn to listen to each other without needing to fix
  • learn to accept each other, warts & wounds—the whole being
  • experience collective healing of wounds
  • receive the gifts of shared wisdom

If you have any questions about the Kiva Soul Camp experience, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to talk with you.

With blessings,

The Soul Camp staff